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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  June 6, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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alex kinyua went to school here at morran state and even was involved in the rotc program.. but noo he stands accused of two bizaare attacks in may. alex kinyua admitted to police he killed his room mate and the victims heart and brain. just 10 days before his arrest on that charge.. he is ceasar. ceasar suffered josh - severe injuries and he permanent losssof sight in one eye. now ceaaar wonders if (josh's attorney)"here is someone he was cordial with &pfriendly with trusted ..attacked him violently and was going to kill him..dismember him nd consume him... literally consume him its a nightmare from a stephen king movie." inyua remains in jail..
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being held without bail... in east balt c fox 45 news at 5ive.. 3 the 22 year old ballimore man sentenced to 50 years in prison.syron abdullah ... plead guilty this week o murdee and robbery. it follows the fftal stabbing of johma (yah-muh) blackwell...a teenager who was founn stabbed 32 times in the head, aams and torso. evidence including the victim's wii and xbox led detectives to abdullah. traces of the teens blood was also found on abdullah's sneakers. police say the case &phighllghts the danger of sharing personal information on social nntworking websites. and police need your elpp identifying theeman in these photos and video.he was seen attack in downtown annapolis lasttmonth.a woman was walking home when she says a man pulled her into an alley on duke of gloucester strret.... and sexually assauuted her.the
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man is considered a person of interest.anyone with iiformation should call police. 3 annn arundel county police.. to... fight back../....after.. homes ... are broken into... where... enior women... are sleeping... in... maryland city. citt.betty nne o'neel.... says... tuesday morning......she.. awoke... to find... a stranger her beeroom with a flashlight.../.the.. grabbed herrpurse... heard her screams... came into herrbedroom... and fought off.. the intruder..../when... a... ásecondá thief... came in../ . he... fought him off, too. "it just makes me mad that ssmeone would come into my home, take my money, and luckily not my life, and hurt my son. ii makes me angry." angry.""... similar home 11 minntes eariliirr.../earby..- anyone... with informatiin asked to call police. an... army privvte... accused in the of... ggvernment secrets... in... u-s history.../ will... spend... more time in ccort. walked... into thee courthouse... this morning.../.
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the... judge... will double... the number ...oo pretrial hearings... for... mmnning... pááeforeá... his september... trial begins.../.manning's.. lawyerr... wann.. 10 of the 22 charges... manning's... charged....with aiding... the enemy ... by... causing... thousands of classified docuuents.. to be published.../ on ... wikileaks. gamblinn is eeppnding ii tonight. its the grand opening &pfor the maryland-live casino at arundel mills. karen parks is treaming live where the excitement is building. 3 3 3
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that brings us to our questioonof the day. you thinkkmaryland's add table games? go to fox-bbltimore dot coo and tell us what you think.
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youucan also souud off through facebook. send us a tweet.. text your answer to 45203. n enterrfox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. a.. bill... sponsored by... maryland senator barbara mikulski.. to... heep... even the gender gap pay.... faiils in... the senate.... senntt....all.. republican senators ...voted against... the... "paycheck said... hhy... - protections... are already in place... and... it would mean... more ggvernment... in... the rivate sector..../ mmkulski....vows... o keep fighting... mean this is 2012 and you'd i think at times it's 1812. but you know in 1812 we in baltimore fought another 2012." the ill needed... 60 votes;... it only got earn ...about 77-cents... for every dollar ... &p3 for the second time this week, there's more evidence oo errors with the city's speed camera ppogram. jeff abell is here with the nnwest details, eff....
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3 on monday, city officials admitted they're refunding ccmera tickets.... they were issued with innccurate information. but thats not thh only breakdoon in the system. 3 last month, another motorist received this speed camera citation in tte mail.... he happens to be a fox 45 producerr... but whennhe no record of the ticket.... he couldn't pay the ticket online.....and when hh sent a check....the city sent t riiht back. "i got a ticket and they're telllng me no you ddn't it was mind like the city calls the case is an extreme anolmaly somehow the city's computer system rejected the ticket because the zip code was omiited ... jeff abell, fox 45 news at :00.... 3 &it's... the anniversary ...of one oo... america's greatest...
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p and darkest... days .../ ago today, ... allied forces launched an pttack ... and... stormed... the beaches of normanny... in... german-occupied france...//.on... &pthousand... 3 the heaaily-fortified d on... the support ...of 13-thousand aircraft... 99--thousand... allied soldiers... were killed or wounded.. by... the end of the day.../. thh.. invasion... eventually.. turned the tide... of worlddwar two. six.. u-s.... military veterans have a inal resting place.. in... baltimooe couuty.the men... were buried druidd ridge ccmetery pikesville.. thii morning.../.it's.. all in connection... wiih the... u-s... army airboone's... d-day anniversary... remembrance.../.the.. p veterans... were treated... to full military honors. p2.48.42-53"that's when the tears starred coming is when and it just kind of brought it not to, but it brooght it all
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right ome." home."11.58.16i can't think of anything i have done, incllding y 35 years of militarr service in the army, than (cut) doing this. this.the six veterans' service spanned four decaaes. how are the oads looking tonig? traffic edge report. report. map fiber greenspring895map p, wisconsin governor scott
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walker is now the first governor in history to survive a recall effortt effort.the.... &priiple effect... being felt.. by the outcome... and... the role... it coull wwite house. 33 an arrest that turns violent getting staples in his hhad. that may be in trouble. "i got up and i said 'yay my baby made it. yes!' just a reguuar ceer." cheer."but that was enough to land one south carolina woman behind bars.the story... coming up. 3
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wisconsin voters.. have spoken..../scott .. .walker... is now the first governor in history... to... survive... a rrcall effor. &peffort...//.the win for the republican is now reverberating across the polittcal world and has many effect in the race for the white's craig boswell rrports from wwshinnton. washington. scott walkerrwill remaan the governor of wisconsin.walker says: "together we're gonna move wisconsin forward. thaak you!! walker defeeted democratttom barrett by aboot seven points in tuesdayys recall.barrett says: "we are a statt that has been deeply dividdd nd t is up to all of us: their side
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ann our side to listen." the concessionnand victory fiiht that erupted early last - yeer over cuts to collective bargaining rights. walker says it was necessary to save badggr state jobs-- busting.o'malley says: "i think there's a dynamic that's set off when you roll back women's riggts, you roll back workers' rights, you roll by vottng rights, there is a dynamic when you pit people against each other." walkerrs solid victory sett &pphe stage for what many believe will be a tough presidential battle. president obama carried in 2008 but republicans say tuesday's results aae proof things will be differenn this morning the governor offerrd advice to presumed ggp presidential nominee mitt romney. walker says: "if governorrromney wants to be competitive in wisconsin, i think he can, he needs tt tackle those same issuee." boswell says: (on cam tag) "wisconsin has been in the ddmocratic residential candidate'' collmn since 1988.
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continue there as progressives and teachers plannto march this evening. in washington, craig boowell, fox news." along with "pomm nd circumstance"... it's something you heer at every gra. ggaduation."i got up and i saidd'yay my baby made it. yes!' just a regularrcheer." cheer."but a cheer just liie shannon cooper says she dduffs. couldn't help gettinn excited for her daughttr.but police say ppaents were warned not to cheer or the graduates or they wwuld be thhown out. stil...whhn her daughter walked across the stage to get her diploma, hannon did it anyway. "ddn't scream, don't cheeer no, i'm thinking in my mind. know, i ent through too muchh to get her to this point. i can't showwmy excitemmnt? i can't cheer? i can't applaud so proud of ou, ike all the
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other years when people can i not cheer for my hild?" child?"ttat's when officers took shannon to a policeevan outside the civic cenner where and cuffed's a moment . - her daughter says she'lllnever forget. "can't be replaaed. i'm a rememberr she gonna remember for the rest of her life. my mama went to jail on my graduutioo day." shannon says she stayed in jail for several hours before paying 225 dollars to get out. &p the world has lost on &pof the greatest author's of best known for his classic - novel, fahrenheit 451- wwere books re outlawed in a dystopian, future america.. american visionarr. in - his 70 year career, he and the idea oo broadcasting a
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highhspeed police chase live they were ideas decades ahead of tteir time. his career spanned over 70 years. bradbury had battlee a lengthy illness until he passed today at the age of 91. that rings us to our questionn of the day. you think marrland's caainossshoold be allowed to add table games? gamess tam writes...."nopee but they will anyway." anyway." but tirrel writes..."why not? not? a lot of response on this ...both pro and con. go to fox- baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also
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sound offfthrough facebook. send ussa tweet.. at foxbalttmore. and you can text your answer to 45203. eeter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 confusion surroundinn the ámorning- after- pillá...why groups say the packaging on the pill is very misleadingg p3
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the space shuttte enterprise has ended for one final time... aboard the aiicraft carrier intrepid sea, air and space museum.the journey jersey city, new jersey on a flotilla of boats and arrived late this afteenoon in the not without its problems... it was delayed once because of weather and a spokeswoman for the intrepid says the shuttle's wingtip sustained light cosmetic dammge during tte trip when a gust of wind
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caused it to graze a wood piling. 3 3 &plooks like perfect weather to be transporting the shuttle.wee have been seeing some greaa weather days this month. keep the rain away? away?here's chief meteorolooist vytas reid. there's... a very important
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change ...taking place.. on... the internet tooay..../.the historic significance coming up.
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a warning for parents.... a populaa high chair is being recalled over safety ssues. issuess offfcials say evenflo's convertible high chair tray canndetach unexpectedly, causing kids to fall out.about 35,000 of the chairs were sold at toys r" us and walmarts nationwide.parents are being told to immediately stop sing the high ccair and contactt evenflo for a replacement tray..... you can find their contact information online ... at fox baltimore dot com slaah newsllnks new evidence hows the morning after pill doesn't work the way many people think it does. a report by "the new york the pill just delayssovulation.
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&pthey block fertilized eggs from implanting in a woman's uterus... descriptions that have caused some religioos groups, conservative politicians and others to plaim that the pills cause aborrion. 3&and coffee could lower your risk for alzheimers.that's according to a study at the university of south florida. researchers say patients older than sixty five who drank three cups of coffee a they believe cafffine and n unknown coffee component boost blood levels to help fight the disease. today.. marks the launch ...of a new internet protocol.. . known s .../ "i--p--v... six." six."it's.. a system ...that assigns... nnmbered addresses... to every smart-phone and other device.. &p connected to the internet..../the.... room for about ... 4... ábillioná... i-p addresses.....but ... there are now ...áso manyá devices online.. out of room..../the.. new protocol ...has room for about... 340-átrillionn addressss. meantimee...the... wall street journal reports.. &p apple ...will
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roll out... a new maps app ...for i- phones.. and i--pads..., sometime this year.../.right now,.. most i- phone users ...haae google maps.... as... the smart- phone's... default navigator.../.analysts... say... the move... could be a major power play.... as... thee ech giants... compete for users..../the .. journal... says... apple will ask app developers ... to create programs ...that work ... with maps for... features... like social networking.. and search. &p3 in two minutes... a story that staated wwth an argument over an x-box and ends with one &pwoman dead. 3
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ç=ç=ç= ñ;wo the 21 year old baltimore man
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who used social media websites to find his victims in prison.entenced to 50 years prison. crrmm and justice... reporter... &pjjy lepola.. takes a ccoser look at the case. 3 syron abdullah ... plead guilty this week to murder and robbery. it follows the fatal stabbbng of


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